Use AI to turn your Figma designs into clean React code — automatically.
Never write frontend code from scratch again.
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Perfect for every stage of development
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Lay the Perfect Foundation
You can create entire component sets from Figma that are type safe, conditionally render, and use default props from Figma.
1 → 10Scale with Finesse
You can start with any screen from any flow and generate it. We will use any components you have already written and generate new ones as well.
10 → 100Effortlessly Iterate
You can pull new design changes to any components you’ve generated even after you’ve added your own logic to them!
The only design to code tool that developers love
Generate clean code
Bifrost adapts to your codebase and writes code exactly like an engineer on your team.
Cut engineering time
Your engineers can focus on features that drive your business forward instead of repetitively creating new screens and components.
Empower your designers
Your designers can create and update screens without fear of messy handoffs. One-click to pull new changes from Figma into an existing component or generate entire screens!
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Pete HuangFounder @ The Neuron
Eric VyacheslavEngineer @ Google
Avi LewisEngineer @ Meta